Are You Acidic? How Acidity Affects Weight

Are You Acidic? How Acidity Affects Weight
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Acidity is the thing that ultimately kills us all. Coffee is the most acid item we normally drink and alcohol runs a fairly good second. Meat is high in acicity and so as we get older it is recommended that we limit red meat consumption. Dr. Oz if famous for recommending the reduction of red meat consumption in our diet. Another word for acidity is rust…. our bodies tends to rust out The video below gives a brief but useful explanation of how acidity affects our bodies and how it impacts on weight.

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iHealthTube.comAre You Acidic? Here’s How to Find Out

How To Reduce Acid In Your Body! The Simple And Easy Version

Reduce the amount of coffee, red meat, alcoho, wheat and dairy in your diet. In fact do your best to eliminate these 5 items. These items are highly acidic.

Increase the amount of vegetables, pulses, lentils and none acidic grains in your diet such as quinoa. Some fruit can be very acidic as well but generally up your non acidic fruit content. Eat fish, occasional chicken or a small piece of red meat… ideally go Vegan.

Here is a Great Chart Demonstrating The PH or Acid Alkaline Balance In The Body


Acid Alkaline Chart










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