Artists-Creatives- Do You Have A Day Rate?

Artists-Creatives- Do You Have A Day Rate?
September 19, 2016 Comments Off on Artists-Creatives- Do You Have A Day Rate? Wealthy rise_shine_aeriol

Artists- Self Employeds What Is Your Day Rate?

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One of the biggest challenges I see with self employed people particularly Artists, creatives and craftspeople or tradespeople is the issue of not getting paid properly.

Recently I watched some You Tube videos of a man doing amazing detailed crafty paintings. He spent hours working on them. Then built fantastic frames with his table saw in his great big beautiful workshop which cost a ton to set up. The finishes were amazing. I thought to myself $175.00-$225.00 per piece easily. When I went to his Etsy page I discovered that he had them for sale for $37.00 to under $90.00 per piece. I was shocked. He was barely covering the materials cost and his time was free. That’s okay if your doing it for fun and just want to share your work. But he was doing this for a living or a starving is more like it.

I see too many people who simply don’t value what they do. I am not going to natter on here about how to set your rate for your service. I think this video says it all and I like his emphatic tone. Also check out his FB page while you are there.
Enjoy and let me know how you figure out your rate. Hope to see more artists and creatives valuing their time.

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