Curing Everything That Ails You

Curing Everything That Ails You
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Curing Everything That Ails You.

Curing What Ails You

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Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in one of  my favourite local cafes out here in King township where I call home when I picked up a flyer for a talk given by a Dr. who had written the book Dead Drs. Don’t Lie. Seems he has sold 83 million copies of this book.


The title is based on the premise that Dr.’s generally die at the average age of 56 years old. And most of the population takes their advise… makes you wonder doesn’t it. You can probably guess that Dr. Wolloch doesn’t like Docs. I was okay with that as neither do I.

Needles to say I attended his lecture. Dr. Wolloch of course is a master of self promotion . I Don’t say that negatively as that is a necessary quality to do well in this day and age I just point it out as a prelude to the information he imparted which of course ultimately promoted his line of nutritional products… funny how they don’t mention these types of things on their flyers. But there is no free lunch and we all know it.

  Dr. Wolloch is a Dr. and therefore having a natural distrust of them because of my past experiences I automatically distrust him as well. LOL Doctoring is big business and they are all looking to make big money out of our hides. At least this one wants to do it without cutting me.

So enough of this and lets get on with what he had to say. First off I would say that he has a remarkable knowledge of the roots of diseases which is unheard of in western doctors as they only deal in symptomology. Dr. Wolloch fully understands that nutrition is at the root of all disease issues and discussed at length the differences in other cultures particularly cultures such as the Hunzas and other remote groups who have record lifetime lengths and yet have very few to none of our modern advantages in food and equipment.

In fact Dr. Wolloch discussed a rather life shifting concept that many of our health problems occurred when we switched from cooking with wood to cooking with gas, propane and electricity. This is because we stopped getting the wood ash in our foods which naturally occurred by using wood as a cooking fuel. Plus it was traditional to add a little wood ash into many foods as they were being made.

Wood ash is full of minerals and today we are mostly mineral depleted and cannot get it in our food as it is no longer in the soils in our countries. You will find old traditional gardeners will take wood ash from their fireplaces and dig it into their gardens. So if you have a fireplace this is something you might want to start to do. Your vegetables will have more minerals in them.

This switch in cooking methods about 1910. I have often noted that our older generations (my grandparents for instance) seem to be much healther and much stronger than I. They would never get sick while us younger folk would get plagued with colds and flews in the winter months.

 Although we are living longer there are endless joint replacement and parts replacement surgeries going on. Demonstrating that our bones are depleted of necessary nutrients.

I have a ladies group here in King Township. It seems that parts replacement surgery is all the rage in our group. Particularly knees… New knees are the new fashion statement. It’s like a mark that you have joined some club or something. Doesn’t matter if they only last a few years now you are at an age where you are allowed to be in the club and voice your complaints. The problem is that replacing the knees doesn’t stop the disease it is a temporary remedy and the disease rages on in the body. Personally I run from this whole mindset as it speaks to me of the I am getting ready to die mindset which I eschew. It also is a mark of our Canadian health care system.

 People here think they have free medicine and they don’t realize we are one of the most heavily taxed nations in the world and what the reasons behind that are. So no one wants to go out and buy a bottle of minerals and vitamins and take them. They run to the doctor who here in Canada will talk about nothing other than surgeries as this is how they make their money.

Even if they knew and understood good nutrition they wouldn’t make thousands of dollars giving out this advice.
It wouldn’t pay for their golf membership or their new luxury car.

  So enter Dr. Wolloch a medical Dr. who started out as a veterinarian went back to school and became an MD with 12 successful books on the market and a networking marketing company to boot selling a complete line of what looks to be very high quality vitamins and minerals all geared to fit together neatly and many in liquid form which is much easier to get down the throat.

I walked out with $275.00 worth of products and a commitment to try this series for 4 months and see what effect it has on my bone to bone knees. The good Dr. promised me knew cartilage growth for my achy knees in 90 days. So the cynical me bit. He must have said something right because I can usually smell a rat. I am also used to dealing with the eccentric geniuses out there in the health field. There are several in North America and they are not quacks.


One is David Slater at Healers Who Share. What David can do with common diseases is positively scary to the health business and if he didn’t stay very low key I swear they would do something to get rid of him. Am I paranoid… He seems to think the same thing.


If your disease has been diagnosed as hopeless you may as well give David a crack at it and if you can actually follow the program in my experience you will succeed 90% of the time.

Last year my most loveable little cat of 14 years got a brain tumour and could barely walk down the hall without falling down. The vet said it was hopeless just put him down.

I got in touch with one of David’s consultants who did a reading (not physicic) and gave me a short list of items required. Within 30 days I had a cat walking almost straight again. It is one year this month and I am thankful for a happy healthy little animal who seems to love me even more than ever for my efforts on his behalf. So I will be Dr. Wolloch’s guinea pig… As soon as I have a link for their product I will post it here in the product section. I will also post results as they come. So check back in 30-60 days for news on this one. By the way I also found a site refuting Doc. Wallachs claims and here is the link . While I think the Doc is very busy being larger than life and wouldn’t care for anyone who doesn’t agree with him, I also find folks taking a complete opposite view to be too extreme as well. Somewhere in the middle will be the truth I am sure.

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