Fall Hiking with Grandkids Forks of the Credit and Lunch at Millcroft Inn

Fall Hiking with Grandkids Forks of the Credit and Lunch at Millcroft Inn
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millcroft-calloutSunday was a special treat day. My oldest grandson had a birthday and I thought I would treat the two older boys to a fine dining lunch experience…. Maybe their first and a hike in the woods.

I was curious to see what would happen. When I arrived and it was discovered we were going to a “ Fancy Place” they both suddenly rose to the occasion extra sets of shirts and ties were immediately grabbed and stashed in the backpacks to go for lunch after our hike. I was pleasantly surprised at their quick rise to the occasion.

So we headed off to the Caledon area and the Forks of the Credit Road where we were also able to do some hiking about and enjoy the river and the waterfalls. If you know the area and would like to hike there here is a link to the trail map.

Forks of The Credit Map

You have to be careful parking there now as they do tow. It seems it has become an incredibly popular spot in the last few years.

We also visited the Alton Mill Arts Centre and Gallery. Lots of small studios and large . Their site seems to be down but here is a link to their Facebook page. Alton Mill Arts Centre and Gallery

It is interesting what people have the nerve to ask $1000.’s of dollars for….. stuff which I would never let out my studio door except to get stashed in the garbage. Some excellent artists however.

Then we went off for our Lunch/Brunch at the Headwaters Restaurant at the Millcroft Inn and Spa.

Lunchwithgrandkids 004

The Inn is an upper end dining experience but if you want to take the whole family they have a fantastic 3 course lunch package on Sundays that is very doable. We both started out with a large mussels appetizer, I had duck breast for my main and Blair had a melt in your mouth arctic char. The deserts were not the highlight of the meal although they certainly were nothing to complain about and the duck breast was the best I have ever enjoyed.

The little guy ( 6 years) ate off the kiddies menu and had a plate of the best chunky fries we had tasted and a pizza on the side. Very well balanced that meal eh. We were all quite stuffed at the end and it certainly wasn’t the skimpy food experience you get at some fine dining venues. Bill with a glass of wine tax and tip was about $125.00 all in for the 3 of us.

Well worth the treat especially seeing my grandsons willing to dress themselves up of their own thinking and willing to try all new foods that they hadn’t experienced before. Even the 6 year old was dipping into the mussels. Not going to do just same old, same old. There were certainly many ceasar salads passing by and plates of rice with a few shrimp plopped on top.

The weather co-operated beautifully and it was a gorgeous afternoon.

A great spot to take your family for a beautiful fall walk and a fine meal.

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