Food Allergies & Living With Energy

Food Allergies & Living With Energy
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Food Allergies & Living With Energy
If you are finding yourself extremely low energy and perhaps having physical pain or joint achiness don’t assume that you have arthritis, chronic fatigue, are just getting old, or some other malady that your doctor may be quick to label and give you a pill for.
You may have severe food allergies.

There are 7 main substances that people are finding themselves severely allergic to.

The are as follows.

Soy Prodcuts
Reactions to these can be severe.

Nuts can cause immediate death.
Seafood can be similarily severe although not so quickly.
Most people with seafood allergy just get sick.

The other 5 can cause varying degrees of reaction.
Some of which are,
extreme bloating & distension
severe gas
fiery and explosive bowel movements or diaheara
muscle aches and crampiness
pain in the abdomen
mentally fuzziness and fogginess
Living like you have a bag over your head.

If you eat any of the above which we all do, start a food diary and discover what you are eating and drinking daily. Take a look at what is in these items. Try eliminating one at a time for 2-3 weeks and see what happens. You may find some improvement but not enough. This could mean you are allergic to more than one. I personally can’t eat 4 of the items on the above list. It can be a big challenge at first to eliminate for instance wheat and dairy from your diet as they are everyhwere in our society. However, if you get your life back, are in control and feeling great it will be worth the effort.

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