Ginger or Officially Zingiber Officinales

Ginger or Officially Zingiber Officinales
September 20, 2007 Comments Off on Ginger or Officially Zingiber Officinales Healthy rise_shine_aeriol

Great medicinal properties

Ginger is a root with great medicinal properties. Used widely particularly by eastern practitioners of herbal medicine for warming the interior of the body in medicines, baths, poultices. Also used widely in the east in cooking.

For everyday home use slivers of fresh ginger ( use a very sharp potato peeler ) are great in cooking or stir frying any food. In a stir fry it adds a terrific tang to the dish. Also helps to detox meats from the chemicals and pesticides added to the animals feed.

Add ground or juiced ginger to your fresh juices or your smoothies for an extra kick.

If you are trying to avoid coffee, ginger tea in the morning is a great wakeup. Make a cup of regular tea and add some thin slices of fresh ginger to your cup of tea with a small teaspoon of honey… Within 15 minutes your circulation will come alive and your mental powers will sharpen. A couple of cups of this and you are ready to go.

This root stimulates circulation throughout the body and as they say in Chinese medicine it warms up the channels.

This root is a great herb to have in your cupboard. I keep mine on the countertop for regular daily use.

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