Jack Canfield’s Key To Living the Law of Attraction

Jack Canfield’s Key To Living the Law of Attraction
March 19, 2013 Comments Off on Jack Canfield’s Key To Living the Law of Attraction Wise rise_shine_aeriol

Law of Attraction.
Ever since the movie “The Secret” came out everyone has been buzzing about the Law of Attraction and numerous books have been written on the subject. Everyone seems to want to cash in on the phenomenon.

In this vane I was walking through our local Costco the other week checking out the book table and found a little tome written by Jack Canfield on the subject. It is a quick read but quite concise and describes how to live the Attraction Law much better than most.

So I would recommend grabbing a copy. (As an aside here Costco has a very good book buyer and frankly my yearly savings alone on books are worth the price of the card.)

One however gets the sense that one of the primary purposes of the book is to get you to Jack’s website to purchase his tools for working with the Law of Attraction which of course are priced a bit steeply and totally unnecessary.

You can just go to Homesense or even Wal Mart and pick up a couple of Journals for $5.-$6.00 a piece to create your vision book and your gratitude journal.“

Working with the gratitude journal and vision board or vision book will also be included in my new course on Vision, Values and Achieving Your Goals which will be available on this site in a few weeks time so watch out for them.

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