New Years Resolutions – Getting Off The Fence

New Years Resolutions – Getting Off The Fence
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New Years Resolutions – Getting Off The Fence
So here we are coming to the start of a New Year. Have you started your New Years resolutions yet?

Are they random or laser focused. Are your really clear on what your decisions should be?

The biggest challenge is that most people don’t make it past the 1st week.

Was it the wrong decision or just plane laziness or inaction that caused it.
Some tips on making a decision and getting off the fence to do it.

1/ Decide what the correct decision is and why you are making it. If you want to lose weight simply for glamour reasons that may not be strong enough to keep you motivated.
So decide on a precise # of pounds, set a time frame but most of all know the real deeper reason for losing the weight. A little internal checking will help you sort this out. Maybe your doctor is concerned about your heart etc. and maybe you should be too.
2/What part of the decision concerns you most. We all have things we are afraid of and we all gravitate to what is more pleasurable.

3/ Break down all the unpleasant parts into small chunks. Figure out how you can overcome each of these. Is it the daily treadmill exercise that scares you off, find ways to deal with it.
4/Face up to the fear and admit to it. Fear and uncertainty are main factors in procrastination.
5/Talk to advisors who are experts in your area of concern or even friends or family members who have tackled such a problem . Ask for advice and support.

6/ Accept the stress of making the emotional decision.
7/ What will happen if you fail. Step into the future and see the failure. Look back at it from a distance and decide how you will handle or restructure from the failure.
8/ Take action. Start with baby steps. Always remember nothing happens until something moves. I think that is a book title but it applies here.

Always remember that the difference in success and failure is often just movement or simply showing up. Until you show up nothing can change. Action is the most important success habit of all when it comes to determining how your life will play out.

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