Rules of Reciprocity: Free Art and Gluten Free

Rules of Reciprocity: Free Art and Gluten Free
May 2, 2014 Comments Off on Rules of Reciprocity: Free Art and Gluten Free Healthy rise_shine_aeriol
Gluten Free Grocery List

Gluten Free Grocery List


Rules of Reciprocity Free Art and Gluten Free

I came home late last night and crashed on the couch promptly falling asleep. A few hours later when I awoke there was a program on the PBS World station about a pair of Artists. Not sure what city, probably New York but they had devised an interesting plan.

Since artists often don’t sell a lot of the canvases they paint there is a big build up of canvases around their homes or lofts. This particular artist got the idea to start giving them away. He started going out and leaving his painting in locations then tweeting to his list of friends and contacts clues as to where the painting would be located. Like a mystery search. Finders keepers. So the race is on with people rushing to get a free painting.

In the process he met another artist and they started doing this together. End result. He says he is now selling twice the number of paintings he used to since he started giving away his art. No longer has to rely on galleries and can afford to support himself ( in very modest fashion) solely on his art. So has been able to give up his main job and just paint.

How great is that.

So this brings to mind old sayings like “ what comes around goes around” or “ you get what you give” and there are several more all pointing to the rule of Reciprocity.
The internet is another place that a great deal is given away for free and some people do very well with this model. So in keeping with the Rule of Reciprocity I would like to offer you a Freebie.

In the next month we will introduce a new E-book and course on Gluten and Allergy Free eating and living

I would love to offer you my Gluten Free Grocery List Chart Below which you can print out full size, laminate and post on your fridge.
All you gotta do is sign in below and I will get it on the way to you.
Don’t forget to give things away and great stuff will come.

Get This Gluten Free Grocery List

Get This Gluten Free Grocery List


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