The Secret of “The Secret”

The Secret of “The Secret”
January 18, 2008 Comments Off on The Secret of “The Secret” Healthy rise_shine_aeriol

The Secret of “The Secret”

The Secret is being able to hold a controlled vision of the direction of your life without losing site of that.
So here’s the question to ask yourself.

If I could achieve 3 measurable priorities in the next 10 years that would make a 50% difference in my lifelong contribution ( to the planet) what would they be?

Then take your journal and write them out as if you have accomplished them and are looking back at them today.

So, a little tip for this is would be to set your vision 10 years past your desired outcome. Come from the place of looking back at your 5 year plan. If you plan to be in your beach front house in a tropical location in 5 years then start 10-15 years out in the future and describe how that vision looks, peering back at it.

If you haven?t watched the secret yet then here is the link to the site.

Do you think this could make a difference to your life? Let me know with your comments below.


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