The Junction TV and Kids with Attention Problems

The Junction TV and Kids with Attention Problems
September 28, 2007 Comments Off on The Junction TV and Kids with Attention Problems Wise rise_shine_aeriol

Kids with Attention Problems…
According with Stanley I. Greenspan: ” It’s important to remember that children with developmental difficulties may have several problems at the same time. Auditory processing problems make it difficult for a child to make sense of the things he hears”.

TV and Kids with Attention Problems

Researchers have isolated 2 hours as the magic number past which television tends to affect childrens attention and create problems.

What happens if children with attention problems watch a lot of TV? Children watching more than 2 hours tended to have attention issues as teenagers and over 3 hours per day generated much more severe problems.

It is thought that too much attention grabbing situations may also contribute to children thinking that ordinary life situations are pretty boring . TV may simply crowd out time spent doing other activites that are able to build attention and concentration skills like reading and playing games like the following:

  • Simon says…/directions to follow. Kids with ADHD can be easily distracted so try giving him directions while he is playing.
  • This is the way…/Kid’s favorite songs for a fun. Chant to a beat to accompany the natural rhythm, low-stress way to build concentration.
  • Puzzles. The puzzles help your child to discover answers by relying on his mind, his eyes and hands.
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