Alkaline Or Acid Food & Water Which One?

Alkaline Or Acid Food & Water Which One?
June 28, 2013 Comments Off on Alkaline Or Acid Food & Water Which One? Healthy rise_shine_aeriol

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Alkaline or Acid Food & Water Which  One Should We Pay Attention To?

Alkaline or Acid Food & Water. We constantly hear we should attempt to make our bodies more alkaline. People spend thousands of dollars to buy household water alkalizing machines to make their house water alkaline. There are thousands of claims by folks stating that they went alkaline and beat cancer or another disease. But was it only from drinking the water or did they also change their food and their lifestyle?

Truth is that the body is both acid and alkaline and we need a balance of both.  For instance when I started drinking Kombucha tea which is quite acid parts of my hair that were turning white started turning back blonde again.  Friends started asking me if I had begun dieing my hair. Which I had not.

Well here is an interesting video claiming quite the opposite to the typical holistic thinking of we must be alkaline. He has  some good points. Have a listen and leaves me your comments. I am interested to hear your thoughts

Is acidity killing you?  Alternative Points of View

Read this post and form your own opinion.



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