Clearing Out The Clutter

Clearing Out The Clutter
February 7, 2008 Comments Off on Clearing Out The Clutter Wise rise_shine_aeriol

Clearing Out The Clutter.

Something’s going on out there. I have been noticing books in the stores and articles in newspapers, magazines and on the internet about people clearing out, cutting back and living simpler lives.

Having spent many years in real estate one of the things I am used to is walking in on people’s very cluttered lives.

I have often wondered how they can function with papers and hobbies absolutely piled high on every table, side table, the floor , in fact
every square inch of space.

We insist on making people de-clutter before listing a home for sale and the result for them is usually one of great relief plus the home looks great.

It seems to me that the stuff we own ends up owning us. That a larger house or better car & more stuff can’t guarantee us more happiness.

In North America we appear to be having an orgy of consumption with everything disposable and quickly replaceable filling our homes and our landfills to overflowing.

Our homes are storage units rather than living spaces. We are threatened with all sorts of imaginary disasters such as SARS, Y2K, mad cow disease, avian flue and the list just goes on.

The movement I see afoot tells me that people are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with it all. Many not knowing where to start with simplifying there lives.

To do this you must make a clear and simple choice.

To work now to simplify and get balance back into your life. When stuff starts taking away from the quality of our lives, our home and our relationships it’s time for change.

It all starts in your home which is your foundation for your life. If you can hardly move around in it for “stuff” you can’t enter the world on a daily basis with a clear head.

You need to be able to see the floor beneath you. The table needs to be clear. You need to be able to think, breathe and rest easily so that you can love and create well.

What you buy, what you value, your possessions are all a reflection of who you are. They affect your life, your relationships, career and future aspirations.

So start today to think about clearing out anything that does not enhance your life today or add to your future goals. Get some boxes or order a garbage bin for your driveway.

Two years ago I did this exact thing, ordered what they call a half bin for the drive which a big garbage truck planted in my driveway. I spent a month filling it to the brim and then had them hall it all away.

The thing to ask of each item you want rid of is “ Does this contribute to the life I am hoping to achieve, or is it getting in the way of my vision.”

This question does presume you have sat down and worked out your vision, your goals for your life and how you want things to look in the end. If your items aren’t helping you to meet those goals consider saying goodbye to them.

On a final note the English architect William Morris wrote that you shouldn’t have anything in your home that is not functional or beautiful… I would add to that “ or that you don’t love”.

Clutter can steal your life as it insidiously enters your home. Make it a rule of thumb that if you have not used something for a year to let it go.

It won’t be a one step process you will have to purge and purge again but being able to think clearly, sleep well and love well will make it all worthwhile.

For a step by step guide on how to de-clutter and get control of your life again

Click Here! And good luck with your journey

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