Do You Search For Sameness or Can You Deal With Difference

Do You Search For Sameness or Can You Deal With Difference
January 22, 2008 Comments Off on Do You Search For Sameness or Can You Deal With Difference Wealthy rise_shine_aeriol

Do You Search For Sameness or Can You Deal With Difference

Recently I have been looking for a new financial advisor to assist me with my portfolio.

I have been meeting with several people to try and clarify what I want and to ascertain who might do the best job for me. Looking after my own real estate investments but find it challenging to watch it all.

I met with one lady at our local coffee shop. She had been highly recommended to me. It was very interesting to note her reaction when she discovered that we think very differently and that I didn’t just automatically agree with all of her assumptions.

She quickly told me that I wouldn’t be a good client for her because we thought too differently.

Of course I was sitting there looking for exactly that. Someone who thought very differently from me. I was rather surprised given that she appeared to be a very good salesperson, but she could not account for difference or adjust to it quickly. A fatal flaw in the sales & client relationship game.

Before listening carefully she was ready to cut me off because she didn’t have the training to see the value in the difference in personalities and money thinking.

There are many ways to achieve a goal and what matters is having the same core Values and a similar Vision.

When dealing with successful people or anyone for that matter it’s important to make allowances for how other people operate or achieve their plans.

A great tool for learning this is the DISC profile. The DISC is a profiling tool that we use regularly. There is no right or wrong, there is just who you are and how you fit into a group, team, or corporate structure.

Being a very high “D” or “Driver” I used to wonder why other people didn’t seem to get much done. An indepth understanding of the Disc really helped me to clarify how different types of people function and gave me much more insight into personalities and what to look for to build my team.

There are several type of DISC profiling tools available but just doing your own and your partners DISC can help you to learn to interact with each other better. They are easy to locate on the web.

So, to keep this blog post short the end result is the young lady I met with is now putting a plan together for me to review. Maybe she decided she could be missing out on a good customer after all. We will find out in a few weeks time whether we can work together.

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