Study Reveals Why Some Foods Are More Satisfying

Study Reveals Why Some Foods Are More Satisfying
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Some Foods Are More Satisfying

Different types of foods burn differently in the body. Partially as a result some foods are more satisfying. 
We have generally always clung to the calorie principal as being the underlying factor for weight loss…. Eat less of them and you will lose weight. This is turning out to not necessarily be correct.

 It is being shown that it’s not just the amount of calories we consume but the form that they come in that dictates the impact they have on body weight.
It is being shown that often those who eat more fat and less carbs will lose more weight.
Two foods could have the same caloric content but have very different appetite – sating potential.
500 calories of steak and veg could be far more satisfying than 500 calories of cornflakes and milk. This has clear implications for food intake and overall weight.
One major determinant of a foods ability to sate the appetite is it’s glycemic index (GI) . This gives a measure of speed and extent to which a food can release sugar into the bloodstream. The higher a foods GI. The less satisfying it tends to be.
Studies have shown that low GI foods promote satisfaction derived from the meal and reduced subsequent hunger. An increase in the GI of about 50 % reduces the satisfaction it gives by about 50%.
This may have to do with fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Studies have been done giving woman sugary foods at different meals and times of the day to determine satisfaction and craving levels. More glucose (high GI drink) given at breakfast made the woman more hungry for the rest of the day.
So this study suggests that to put a natural break on your appetite you should emphasize low – GI foods in your diet.
So this means keeping a check on sugary foods, starchy carbohydrates ( bread and breakfast cereal). Often people say that if they eat these foods for breakfast they are hungrier in the morning compared to eating nothing at all.
If you want breakfast cereal try Bircher muesli which is a blend of oats, natural yogurt, ground and chopped nuts and some dried fruit. I mix this in with a flax seed blend cereal and find it very satisfying. It tends to keep the appetite sated and reduce hunger cravings for the rest of the day.
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